Spread Some Good with Good Spread!

Ever feel like your peanut butter addiction is missing an element of social justice?  If so, Good Spread is here to satisfy your needs! For every jar of honey-kissed peanut butter you buy, Good Spread donates a high-calorie food supplement to a malnourished child.

Good Spread is a peanut butter company based in Nashville, Tennessee which partners with Mana, an organization that provides a “ready-to-use therapeutic food” or RUTF made of fortified peanut paste to children in need in impoverished areas. According to their website, “roughly three servings of MANA a day for six weeks can save the life of child suffering from severe acute malnutrition”.  They distribute it to impoverished villages in Africa for mothers to give to their malnourished children.

Now, while you probably don’t need suggestions for how to use something as essential as peanut butter, here is some inspiration if you want to change it up:

  1. spread it onto oreos
  2. melt it in the microwave and pour it onto vanilla ice cream
  3. blend it with frozen banana for homemade pb banana whips á la Hip City Veg
  4. make it into cookies and stuff them with nutella
  5. fill tiny donuts with it
  6. make a cheesecake
  7. make fluffy pancakes with it
  8. make rice krispie treats with it
  9. make granola bars with it
  10. make a thai pb and j

-Elena Crouch

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