Hannah’s Healthy Handbook: Vedge and V-Street

Hey foodies,

I am so excited to share two incredible, vegan, globally-inspired restaurants in Philly: V Street and Vedge. These iconic vegan Philly restaurants are sure to make anybody’s mouth water.

Vedge prides itself on an innovative menu inspired by locally sourced ingredients. Each dish is to die-for. While it is recognized as one of the best vegan restaurants in the country, it might be one of the best restaurants, period.

V-Street is a street food-themed restaurant from the owners of Vedge. Here you can find internationally-inspired small plates paired with delicious cocktails. The atmosphere is intimate and dimly lit with a poppin’ bar.

VEDGE (1221 Locust Street)

Salt Roasted Gold Beets (avocado, capers, dill, smoked tofu, “pastrami on rye”)

These beets will melt in your mouth. The creamy avocado, salty capers, and smoky tofu make for an amazing bite.


Eggplant Braciole (smoked eggplant, Italian salsa verde, cured olive)

This play on sausage was honestly the best item on the menu. The creamy, flavorful, stuffed eggplant definitely does not suffer for it’s lack of animal products, and the fresh pesto served complements the richness of the dish.



V Street (126 S 19TH Street)

Seitan Kebabs (fattoush salad, harissa, mint, whipped tahini, cured tofu)

These insane kebabs are so tender and flavorful that you’ll forget you don’t know how to pronounce seitan. The fresh salad and whipped tahini paired perfectly with the slightly spicy tofu.


Cauliflower “65” (whipped dal, mint chutney, curry hot sauce)

If you did not think that cauliflower could taste like buffalo chicken, this dish will change your mind. The spiced florets are crispy like chicken on the outside, but creamy like cauliflower on the inside. The whipped dal (split pea) pairs perfectly with the heat of the spices.


Even (especially?) if you’re not vegan, you should try out these two great restaurants to expand your vegetable horizons!


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