The Sandwich is Back: Jake’s Sandwich Board

Welcome to sandwich heaven.

Gary, the owner, was in the cheesesteak industry for 10 years before leaving the food court and moving to 12th street and then opening another location at 40th. His true passion was for brisket and this passion clearly shines in his sandwiches.

When you open the doors, you’re hit with the delicious aroma of fresh roasted pork and brisket. Unlike the other sandwich shops in Philly, Jake’s doesn’t market itself as a cheese steak only place. In fact, Jake’s offers an array of options: you can choose from turkey, beef, pork, or even a vegetarian option. Their menu speaks for itself.

The meat at Jake’s is roasted overnight for 12 hours and everything is freshly served. Customers have the option of ordering a specially-designed item from the menu or making their own sandwich.

When I visited them, I was given the chance to try their seasonal fall menu, which offers 3 to 4 options fit for the season:


House-roasted brisket, Sriracha ketchup, topped with potato pancakes.

The sandwich has a very solid taste with a slight spice. The meat is plentiful and just melted in my mouth. The sandwich itself has just the right texture when paired up the the crunchy potato pancakes. Jake’s also offers potato pancakes as a side so make sure to grab them as well!


House-roasted pork, fire sauce, pickled red onions, and a crunchy long-hot.

This sandwich is an explosion of flavors. The fire sauce and crunchy long-hot adds a dash of color and spice. The main source of flavor is the home-make fire sauce, which is tangy yet spicy. Jake’s offers the fire sauce in a cup as well so you can add as much (or as little!) as you want. The long-hot is the more gorgeous item on the list and it is a deep-fried green pepper. The pepper itself holds an incredible amount of flavor and tastes great even if you eat it by itself.


House-roasted turkey, baby spinach, hot sauce, all topped with blue cheese dressing and crunchy onions.

I never expected turkey to taste so good. The buffalo sauce has the perfect strength. The spinach adds a clean and fresh texture that pairs well with all of the sauces. The crispy onions are what I love the most and they add a crunch to an otherwise saucy sandwich.

Jake’s also let me try their special sandwich for catering for Eagles game.


House-roasted brisket, roasted broccoli-rabe, caramelized onions, your choice of spread.

The broccoli-rabe balances out the cheesy flavor and as always, the sandwich came with plenty of meat.

At Jake’s, customers also have the option to cater a build-your-own-sandwich for events, where all of the ingredients are delivered with a portable steam plan and sterno.

Whether you’re there to celebrate the next Eagles win or to get a break from the college dining halls, Jake’s Sandwich Board has exactly what you need!

~Angel Fan

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