Trader Joe’s Winter Roundup

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. time for Trader Joe’s to stock and re-stock its shelves with holiday items! A few months ago, we showed you the best fall seasonal items at Trader Joe’s and now we’re excited to share with you everything pepperminty, chocolatey, warm, and indulgent for the holidays. Run, don’t walk, to Trader Joe’s and get your hands on these seasonal items since they are selling out extra quickly!

1. Hot Chocolate Sticks

Up your hot cocoa game with this tasty and extra easy way to make this winter classic. Just stir one of these into a hot glass of milk (or non-dairy beverage of choice) and you’ll have a rich, creamy hot chocolate. Or munch on these straight out of the box – we won’t judge.

2. Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s

It wouldn’t be a special time of year without Trader Joe’s bringing out a seasonal spin on their classic Joe-Joe’s cookies. These candy cane Joe-Joe’s have a cult-like status among the Trader Joe’s community. (Seriously, there are Facebook fan groups devoted to this product and petitioning to have them stocked year-round, rather than just during the holiday season.) These cookies taste like delicious Oreo’s but with flavorful pieces of candy cane mixed into the cream. This Trader Joe’s holy grail item is essential to the Trader Joe’s holiday experience, and it even comes in dark chocolate-covered and gluten-free versions, as well as a peppermint ice cream version.

3. Chocolate Ornaments

Skip the real ornaments this year and just deck the halls with these chocolate ornaments! Made of creamy milk chocolate, they make a perfect and practical addition, complete with sparkly strings for hanging them on a tree. Being able to grab treats off of your Christmas tree while you open presents doesn’t sound too bad to me…

4. Tuscan Pane Bread

Okay, so these aren’t a seasonal item!! But the holidays are synonymous to a time where you can load up on lots more carbs than usual and get cozy, at least to me. This bread might be one of the best Trader Joe’s has to offer. It’s unbelievable toasted, so get your hands on it for all of the breakfasts, snacks, and sandwiches your heart desires this holiday season.

5. Chocolate Peppermint Almond Beverage

Trader Joe’s sells lots of different shelved almond milks, but this chocolate peppermint one is extra special. It does it all: hot or iced, in a glass topped with marshmallows, in oatmeal, or in a milkshake. There’s also a cocoa peppermint almond creamer if you want something similar, but to add to your black coffee.

6. Chocolate Peppermint Loaf & Baking Mix

This chocolate peppermint loaf & baking mix will impress every guest at your next holiday potluck or baking party, yielding amazing cake, cookies, muffins…! I especially recommend using it to make peppermint crackle cookies. (Just add powdered sugar!)

7. Double Creme Brie with Truffles

Speaking of cheese boards, this new product is amazing to add some flavor this holiday season. The regular brie from Trader Joe’s -or Trader Jacques, if you will- is already delicious, but this brie with truffles is really something else. Truffle might be the most deserving food trend as of late. And it comes from a family-owned cheese maker from a village in France. Treat yourself and your friends with this extra special cheese.

8. Triple Ginger Snaps

Move aside peppermint, ginger deserves a share of the spotlight too. These triple ginger snaps are exceptionally delicious with a warm spiced flavor that’s elevated when you bite into one of the crystallized ginger pieces in these cookies.

9. Gingerbread Crisps

Did someone say cheese board? These gingerbread crisps are the PERFECT addition to your next holiday party. Eat them with any cheese, dip, or spread to add the perfect ginger kick without being overbearing.

10. Hot Coca Dunkers

Not only are Trader Joe’s dunkers the perfect oblong shape to dip into a glass of milk all year long – these seasonal ones are truly hot cocoa in solid form. They’re cocoa-flavored cookies with marshmallow and chocolate bits and will be gone before you know it, because man are they addicting.

11. Peppermint Hold-the-Cones

Trader Joe’s ‘Hold The Cone’ mini ice cream cones never fail to impress when it comes to the seasonal varieties, and this time the delicious chocolate cones filled with peppermint ice cream and a crunchy semi-sweet chocolate coating never disappoint.

12. Chocolate-Covered Joe-Joe’s Variety Pack

This variety pack of chocolate covered Joe-Joe’s would make a great gift for any friend, or yourself. It brings together four different varieties of Joe-Joe’s from past and present seasonal launches in one delicious package: peanut butter covered in milk chocolate, double chocolate covered in dark chocolate, peppermint covered in dark chocolate and peppermint, and ginger covered in white chocolate and ginger sprinkles. We’re speechless too.

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