Penn Appétit x Penn Lens

At long last — a collab between Penn Appétit and Penn Lens! We did a potluck-style cheeseboard event, with members bringing a jam here, a cracker there, all so we could practice our plating and lighting skills. 

photo by Ria Vieira

We met up in the back of the Arch Building, where, it turns out, there are some stellar windows with plenty of natural light. So, we went to town on arranging, photographing, rearranging, and once all of that was complete… eating! 

photo by Ria Vieira

A few things we learned: Make it look a little messy, so long as it doesn’t look deliberate. Get a variety of color using dried or fresh fruits. Choose cheeses wisely — look for different textures. Brown grocery bags make an excellent backdrop, and easy cleanup!

photo by Ria Vieira

Cover photo by Nisha Vishnan.

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