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Penn Appétit is Penn’s source for all things edible.

We are the innovative, student-run food magazine at the University of Pennsylvania—and the oldest one of our kind in the country. From dorm room doughnuts to five-star foie gras, we showcase the best eats in Philly and beyond. Penn Appétit publishes one print issue each semester (also accessible here) and daily digital content. We also put on frequent food-related events for the Penn community, including the annual Penn Food Summit, a conference featuring Philly foodies, demonstrations, and discussions. Whether you’re a Top Chef or a total beginner, we hope you’ll join us in immersing ourselves in the delectably rich world of culinary arts.

Interested in becoming a part of Penn Appétit? Email us at pennappetit@gmail.com for more information about getting involved!

Byrne Fahey
Executive Director

After founding Spork food magazine at Princeton High School, Byrne low-key stalked Penn Appétit when applying to college. Now she enjoys regularly forcing board meetings to be entertaining with updates about everyone’s weekend and the occasional craft project. Byrne’s favorite food/life motif is the artichoke. She named one of her foster kittens “Lentil” and collects Trader Joe’s stickers as a pastime. Give her a WilCaf peanut butter cookie and you’re gold.

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Chase Matecun

Previously a blog columnist and the magazine events chair, Chase now edits Penn Appétit’s digital content with an eagle-eye. He thinks lamb is god’s gift to men on earth, earnestly believes that most things taste better with tahini, and will never turn down an authentic taco. When Chase is (happily) unchained from his MacBook, you can find him making a mess in the kitchen, biking around center city, or dreaming up new breads to bake over the weekend.

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Elena Crouch
Digital Content Editor

Originally a food photographer, Elena now helps edit the digital content for Penn Appétit, enjoying press events and eating tons of food along the way.  Born of an Italian mother, she loves to cook, especially for others, but never makes the same thing twice.  If she's not cooking or eating, she is probably running, biking, or swimming to train for triathlons.  She has a personal blog at www.lasbobba.com featuring her photography and recipes.

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Caroline Guenoun
Social Impact Chair

Caroline is a junior in Wharton studying OID and French, mainly so that she can translate authentic macaron recipes to English. Caroline's love affair with food began when she opened a restaurant in her living room at the ripe old age of eight. Her only customers were her two older sisters who had to operate the microwave for her. She chose Penn after eating a dozen Federal Donuts during a campus visit and continues to excitedly await their new flavors each season.

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Garett Nelson
Magazine Layout Editor

Garett is an art major from Las Vegas, Nevada. He loves to travel and eat; he doesn't have a favorite food- he loves them all.

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Ben Blanco
Internal Social Chair

Ben is a sophomore in Wharton studying statistics and education. He is from the suburbs of Los Angeles and loves exploring the city through its restaurants. In Philly, Ben is trying to do the same thing and is currently on a quest to find the best Mexican food in the city. As the Internal Social Chair, Ben cannot wait to spread the cult of Penn Appetit!

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Lena Antin
Business Manager

Lena is a sophomore studying Marketing, Finance, and Spanish and is serving her first year on the board as one of the Business Managers. Thai food is her one true love, although you can probably spot her with a chocolate chip cookie and a cup of hot chocolate on any given day. She is perpetually in search of grits and biscuits that can rival those back in her hometown of Atlanta, and sometimes you'll glimpse her sneaking off to Drexel to bask in the glory that is Chick-fil-A.

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Parker Brown
Publicity and Outreach Co-Chair

Parker is a freshman in Wharton from Las Vegas, Nevada and has yet to declare a concentration. He is both an editor and the co-publicity and outreach chair for Penn Appétit. Growing up in a household where the kitchen served as the living room, Parker quickly became a food-lover. More recently, he has developed a fondness for cooking and while he enjoys all cuisines, he surely has a soft spot for Asian food.

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Léa Kichler
Head Videographer

Léa Kichler is the videographer for Penn Appétit. She has been a fan of the mag since before even applying to Penn and felt that it was missing a video department. She has a deep, strange love for food video. When she is not behind the camera, she is most likely making food, thinking about food or eating food.

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Brian Rogers
Culinary Director

Brian is freshman at Penn majoring in Logic and Computer Science. He frequently considers dropping out and going to culinary school but is always advised against it. Brian has an unconditional love for chocolate and literally anything with goat cheese. When not at Penn doing homework, you will most likely find him in the kitchen at 2 A.M, baking and blasting Britney.

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Janie Kim
Cooking Club Chair

Janie is a freshman in the College from Princeton, New Jersey who actually does not like lobster (see above pic). But she does like almost all other foods and, having practically grown up in her family's kitchen, especially enjoys cooking for others! She is counting down the days until she can get off the meal plan and cook in her own kitchen. Besides all things food, she is passionate about international affairs, traveling, and going on long walks in the city.

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Camille Jwo

Camille is a senior studying Cognitive Science and Computer Science. She ritualistically eats avocado toast every morning because avocados are her spirit food. Her backpack is always 2 parts food to 1 part books (snacktime is all the time), but when she’s not eating, you can spot her RBF tossing frisbees, maintaining Snapchat streaks, and drawing peach butts on chalkboards.

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Isabel Zapata
Photo Editor

Isabel hasn't submitted a bio yet, so for now she is a slice of toast.

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Maggie Molen
Publicity and Outreach Chair

Maggie hasn't submitted a bio yet either, but in the meantime she is a sandwich.

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Melanie Lowenstein
Social Media Director

Mel also hasn't submitted a bio yet, so for now she is pizza.

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Sally Shin
Social Media Director (Abroad)

Sally is abroad so I guess it's okay she hasn't submitted a bio yet, but until then, she is pasta.

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