A Guide to Grocery Shopping at Penn

Photos by Pinn Chirathivat Whether you’re new to Penn or have been here a while, there will be instances where you have to buy groceries. With the many different options on and off campus, how do you choose a grocery store? Below lies a list of the most commonly visited grocery stores and all the […]

Bringing Back the O(h!) in Avocado Toast

Chances are, if you could pick one food to represent the entire millennial population, you’d probably go for the classic avocado toast — overpriced yet underwhelming, where mashed avocado is spread haphazardly on a slice of sourdough toast and sold for upwards of $7. Now, I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of […]

A Guide to the Portuguese Tart

Chances are—especially if you’ve ever been to a dim sum place—you’ve seen an egg tart, its flaky crust and creamy yellow filling in the middle. In Cantonese, we call it Dan tat, dan meaning “egg” and tat meaning “tart”. But it’s less likely that you’ve met its alternative, po tat, or as the Portuguese might […]