The Best of Food TikTok

photo credit: 2020 brought a lot of surprises into our lives — one of those being TikTok becoming the new preferred source of finding new recipes and cooking hacks. That’s right, TikTok isn’t just a platform for viral dances and Vine-esque comedy skits. It is also home to “food TikTok” — in other words,  thousands […]

West Philly Cafe Guide

(Photo credit: HappyCow) No doubt West Philly has an incredible food scene – and an awesome coffee shop scene! Our neighborhood outside of campus is filled with amazing local cafes, bakeries, and coffee shops. There’s such a sense of culture and community in each of these spots – from the locally roasted specialty Philly beans […]

Get To Know Gourmand: The Podcast for Today’s Foodies

Meet Alaina Chou and Maggie Tang, the cohosts of Gourmand – their passion project turned podcast that highlights  the stories of leaders in the food industry (the first episode is out! Listen on  Spotify or Apple Podcasts)! Brought together by their love of food – they did in fact meet through Penn Appetit – juniors […]

Easy 3 Ingredient Cookie Recipes

If you’re in the mood to bake (or just the mood to eat sweets), but don’t have baking ingredients and can’t exactly go out to the grocery, check out these easy recipes for peanut butter cookies and banana chocolate chip cookies! Both have minimal ingredients and use pantry staples to make super yummy cookies. Enjoy! […]

The Absolute Best Trader Joe’s Items

Ah, yes. Trader Joe’s. My happy place. After trying countless Trader Joe’s items, I present to you my master list of all my TRIED AND TRUE favorites (I included the price of each item too!). I’ve repurchased all of the items on this list over and over again, and a trip to TJs is never […]

Trader Joe’s Winter Roundup

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. time for Trader Joe’s to stock and re-stock its shelves with holiday items! A few months ago, we showed you the best fall seasonal items at Trader Joe’s and now we’re excited to share with you everything pepperminty, chocolatey, warm, and indulgent for the holidays. Run, don’t […]

Meet rmdy: The New Chewable for Digestive Health

One of the less satisfying parts of eating that cheesy slice of pizza, or burrito with extra beans, or even a leafy kale salad is the digestive issues that often ensue. It’s basically accepted that certain foods can cause stomach pain, gas, or bloating. However, Wharton MBA students Kate Kim and Ryan Morgan wanted to […]

Best Hidden Gems on Baltimore Just a short walk from campus (Seriously, the walk is shorter than you think!) is an amazing hub of world cuisine on Baltimore Avenue, all between 40th and 50th street. One can enjoy authentic Laotian, Mediterranean, and Indian food in addition to American comfort foods like pizza and ice cream. So step aside, Fishtown: […]

Meet the MBAs Behind Frutero, Philly’s New Tropical Ice Cream

My first bite of Frutero passion fruit ice cream was unexpectedly rich with a lingering light, citrusy taste. Frutero doesn’t stop there, though — it makes a whole host of fruit flavored ice creams using mangoes, guavas, and other tropical fruits from Colombia.  Instead of joining the race to Wall Street, Wharton MBAs Mike Weber […]

Trader Joe’s Fall Roundup

The best place to be this time of year is in fact Trader Joe’s. While Trader Joe’s regular products are already amazing, the seasonal items are extra special. Each fall, Trader Joe’s brings back old fall favorites, while debuting new ones each year. I went to Trader Joe’s in Center City and brought back ten […]