Cheu Ramen Burger Pop Up

On Tuesday, September 24th from 6pm-10pm join Cheu Noodle Bar for a night of ramen burgers inspired by Keizo’s Go Ramen!  and some of McDonald’s most popular menu items.  A play off of the Big Mac, the Big macCheu is composed of a double burger, special sauce, shaved onion, and a pickle.  For fish lovers, McCheu offers a beer battered cod with pickle mayo and lettuce.  The crispy chicken sandwich will feature fried chicken tonkatsu style, tankatsu sauce, and kimshi.  All burgers will be served on a bun made of cooked ramen noodles and eggs. Fries and beer (miso truffle aioli, shaved bonito flakes) will round out the meal, while a tasty fried apple pie will satisfy any sweet tooth.

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