Spring 2022 Issue

The Spice Issue

We here at Penn Appétit like to spice things up. Spice itself unites us across cultures. Whether it be hot peppers or aromatics, some spices are universal, like black pepper, and then there are some like star anise, which are used so differently in many cuisines. Spice is exciting and beautiful and powerful. The bold color, the variety, the depth and breadth can’t be ignored. Yet spice is more than just food. There’s a sense of family and connectivity — for many of us, spices and spicy foods are core elements of our memories and identity. So the next time you’re in the kitchen, don’t forget to add a little spice. Just for fun.



  • Executive Director Randy Bach
  • Managing Editor Emily Truong
  • Creative Director Monika Lee
  • Photo Director Pinn Chirathivat
  • Culinary Director Anna Feng
  • Articles