Almond Milk Chai

Recipe by Eesha Balar


  • water 1 mug...use whatever mug you like, and fill it up almost all the way with water.
  • black tea 1 tsp (I use the Wagh Bakri brand)
  • chai spice blend 1 tsp (I use a homemade version that has cardamom, cloves, black pepper, and ginger powder, but store-bought versions work well too!)
  • chopped fresh lemongrass 1 tbsp
  • ginger ¼ inch cube (with skin on)
  • almond milk splash (or any alternative milk)
  • optional: honey ½ - 1 tbsp (to taste)
  • Directions


    Fill the mug with water, leaving some room for almond milk at the end, and pour into a small pot.


    Add the lemongrass and grate the ginger into the water.


    After it starts to boil, add the tea and spice blend.


    Let boil until the color becomes a rich brown color. The longer it boils, the stronger the flavor!


    Strain immediately into the mug.


    Add sweetener of choice and mix well!


    Because almond milk tends to curdle in extremely hot liquids, let the mug sit for a few minutes before adding almond milk to the top of the mug.


    Enjoy alone or with a cookie or toast on the side!