A Guide to Grocery Shopping at Penn

Photos by Pinn Chirathivat Whether you’re new to Penn or have been here a while, there will be instances where you have to buy groceries. With the many different options on and off campus, how do you choose a grocery store? Below lies a list of the most commonly visited grocery stores and all the […]

How to Make the Most of Your Penn Dining Plan

All Photos Taken By Liliann Zou Whether you’re a current freshman or a recent graduate, the Penn dining hall experience is a rite of passage for all students. For incoming and current freshmen who will have to be on the dining plan,  I’ve compiled a short list of 5 tips to help you make the […]

Best Places around Campus for Your Late Night Cravings

(Photographer: Monika Lee) Pelicana Chicken Hours:  Sun – Thurs: 11:30AM–12AM Fri: 11:30AM–1:30AM Sat: 11:30AM–1AM Delivery and Takeout offered  There’s something about a fresh, crispy, juicy piece of fried chicken that truly hits different after midnight, and Pelicana does it best. Satisfy those late-night munchies with some spicy soy fried wings, an order of truffle fries, […]

Ranking Every La Colombe Drink from Best to Worst

If you’re a Penn student, you’ve probably heard of La Colombe. If you haven’t it’s the brightly colored coffee in a can sold at Wawa, Van Pelt’s basement and Whole Foods. While sold throughout the northeast, the brand is originally from Philly, and since coming to Penn I’ve become slightly obsessed. I’m a little ashamed […]

The Best Cold Weather Beverages

With the weather turning chilly, we asked Penn Appétit staff for their best cold weather beverage recommendations (for the second year in a row!). From teas to coffees to wine, they delivered. Here’s our staff’s favorite cold weather beverages. London Fog View this post on Instagram A post shared by Vanna (@vee_vanna) It’s quick, easy, […]

5 Places to Satisfy Your Asian Food Cravings (near campus)

Are you on-campus and looking for that perfect Asian meal/snack? Are you at home, but want the run-down on all the fun Asian food near campus so you can start planning your meals ahead of time? I’ve got you covered. Although I’ve only experienced the Penn/Philly food scene for a couple months, I’ve found plenty […]

Get To Know Gourmand: The Podcast for Today’s Foodies

Meet Alaina Chou and Maggie Tang, the cohosts of Gourmand – their passion project turned podcast that highlights  the stories of leaders in the food industry (the first episode is out! Listen on  Spotify or Apple Podcasts)! Brought together by their love of food – they did in fact meet through Penn Appetit – juniors […]

Holy Sheet: Great Jones Has Me Confident in the Kitchen!

Great Jones’ Easy Bake Set arrived in many boxes. I quickly understood why. The frying pan (“Small Fry”), the saucepan (“Saucy”), and the sheet pan (“Holy Sheet”) each arrived in their own colorful cardboard that read “your ware is here!” When I opened the box, it was patterned with gorgeous, organic illustrations of things like […]

The Starbucks Drink to Cure Your Winter Cold

Ever heard of the “Medicine Ball?” Nope, not the one you lift at the gym. It’s the drink that you should buy if you’ve got a cold or feel one coming. You won’t find it explicitly written in the Starbucks menu, but go to Stommons (or any Starbucks) and the ladies will know what you’re […]

A Crash Course in Entomophagy

by Jasper Colt for USA Today One of my fondest foodie memories of junior year is eating freeze-dried crickets with a fellow Penn Appetit foodie, Katherine Ku, in our Intro to Human Evolution class. While our classmates squirmed and looked at us with a mixture of disgust, fascination, and awe (perhaps I’m giving Kat and […]