Best Pies of the Keys

(Photo: Pinn Chirathivat) This spring I ventured slightly further south of Miami to a little strip off the coast of Florida otherwise known as the Florida Keys. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend for the following reasons: the bluest water I’ve ever seen, being a mere 90 miles from Cuba, and above all, the […]

Ranking the Best Ways to Eat an Egg

(Photo: Danielle Gin) Ranking the Best Ways to Eat an Egg Growing up, I only ever ate scrambled eggs and hard boiled eggs cooked all the way, meaning that my scrambled eggs were never ‘fluffy’. When I came to Penn and went to brunch, I would be asked “how do you want your eggs?” and […]

West Philly Cafe Guide

(Photo credit: HappyCow) No doubt West Philly has an incredible food scene – and an awesome coffee shop scene! Our neighborhood outside of campus is filled with amazing local cafes, bakeries, and coffee shops. There’s such a sense of culture and community in each of these spots – from the locally roasted specialty Philly beans […]

How to Make the Most of Your Penn Dining Plan

All Photos Taken By Liliann Zou Whether you’re a current freshman or a recent graduate, the Penn dining hall experience is a rite of passage for all students. For incoming and current freshmen who will have to be on the dining plan,  I’ve compiled a short list of 5 tips to help you make the […]

Best Places around Campus for Your Late Night Cravings

(Photographer: Monika Lee) Pelicana Chicken Hours:  Sun – Thurs: 11:30AM–12AM Fri: 11:30AM–1:30AM Sat: 11:30AM–1AM Delivery and Takeout offered  There’s something about a fresh, crispy, juicy piece of fried chicken that truly hits different after midnight, and Pelicana does it best. Satisfy those late-night munchies with some spicy soy fried wings, an order of truffle fries, […]

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Ramen Game

Whether you’re last-minute cramming for an exam at 3 AM or simply too lazy to walk those few hundred feet to the dining hall, ramen is a staple in many college students’ lives. The tender bite of the noodles along with the umami rich broth simple renders this food irresistible. However, if you consume ramen […]

Ranking Every La Colombe Drink from Best to Worst

If you’re a Penn student, you’ve probably heard of La Colombe. If you haven’t it’s the brightly colored coffee in a can sold at Wawa, Van Pelt’s basement and Whole Foods. While sold throughout the northeast, the brand is originally from Philly, and since coming to Penn I’ve become slightly obsessed. I’m a little ashamed […]

Best Subtle Asian Cooking Recipes to Impress Your Subtle Asian Dates

Just shot your shot on a Subtle Asian Dating auction post? Figuring out how to make a good impression on your first date? No worries! Join the sister Facebook group, Subtle Asian Cooking, for recipes that are perfect for showing your significant other that you have what it takes. I’ve personally tried a bunch of […]

The Best Cold Weather Beverages

With the weather turning chilly, we asked Penn Appétit staff for their best cold weather beverage recommendations (for the second year in a row!). From teas to coffees to wine, they delivered. Here’s our staff’s favorite cold weather beverages. London Fog View this post on Instagram A post shared by Vanna (@vee_vanna) It’s quick, easy, […]

3 Easy DIY Boba Recipes to Try at Home

Recently, my boba habit has started to add up, so I’ve started to make it at home. It’s surprisingly easy to make and hits the spot when you’re too lazy to go out or are like me and looking to save some money. Cooking the tapioca pearls is simple. For most packaged boba, using the […]

Five Healthy Desserts for Your Quarantine Sweet Tooth

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been baking nonstop during the coronavirus self-isolation. It’s a great way to pass the time. The results are delicious. Tender banana bread, melt-in-your-mouth cookies, and fudgy brownies are a great coping mechanism.  However, there’s only so much quarantine baking you can do without gaining the “quarantine fifteen” or the […]

Your Fail-Proof Grocery List, COVID-19 Version

Grocery shopping ranks high as one of my cherished rituals. Navigating through the aisles, scanning the shelves, and my favorite part, stocking up the fridge with the groceries is a process I relish and enjoy. Obviously, with the current pandemic, grocery shopping has become stressful. Is it even safe to shop for groceries? How exactly […]