The Best of Food TikTok

photo credit: 2020 brought a lot of surprises into our lives — one of those being TikTok becoming the new preferred source of finding new recipes and cooking hacks. That’s right, TikTok isn’t just a platform for viral dances and Vine-esque comedy skits. It is also home to “food TikTok” — in other words,  thousands […]

Hot Ones: A Hot Show

From staple shows like Bon Appétit and Masterchef to trendy platforms like food Tik Tok, there are many avenues through which we can now consume food content online. Let me introduce to you my personal favorite: Hot Ones.  Hot Ones is a youtube series with “hot questions, and even hotter wings” where host Sean Evans […]

An Interview with Dominique Ansel: Pastry Pioneer

With Penn being so close to New York City, you might unexpectedly find yourself in the city every now and then. While a trip into the city calls for sightseeing tourist attractions and shopping on 5th Ave, one of my personal favorite things to do is explore its expansive food scene. In my most recent […]

VERB: A New Way To Start Your Day

  Run. Paint. Sing. Dance. Create. “Verb is more than just a bar… it’s about the good vibes and good energy” Whatever your ‘verb’ is, Verb Energy bar will give you what your body needs to do it and not only feel good, but also feel good about it. Four college students at Yale have […]

TAFTA ? Why are the Europeans so firmly against it ? RGBH could be the clue

Disclaimers, 1st with the recent political development, I dont  know yet how the negotiations are going to evolve. Still, this article may be of some interest to pinpoint both European’s attitude towards meat production and RBHG. 2nd This article is going to be loaded of acronyms; The most important ones being RGBH (bovine stromatopine), TAFTA and […]

Dorm-et Food: Black Tahini Truffle Hummus

Hi guys! Dorm-et Food is back again with this simple original Tofu Black Tahini Truffle Hummus recipe! This recipe puts an unexpected twist on the beloved student late-night snack: hummus. I used black tahini (sesame paste) instead of white tahini to add an extremely nutty and rich layer of flavor you wouldn’t normally get in […]

Dorm-et Food: Vegan Sweet Potato Gnocchi in Black Bean Sauce

Hi! My name is Jennifer Higa and I am a freshman blogger for Penn Appetit. One of the things I miss most about home is having a kitchen to cook good food and experiment with recipes. Fortunately, I do have a mini fridge and microwave crammed in my tiny room in the Quad, and I […]