The Best of Food TikTok

photo credit: 2020 brought a lot of surprises into our lives — one of those being TikTok becoming the new preferred source of finding new recipes and cooking hacks. That’s right, TikTok isn’t just a platform for viral dances and Vine-esque comedy skits. It is also home to “food TikTok” — in other words,  thousands […]

Best Pies of the Keys

(Photo: Pinn Chirathivat) This spring I ventured slightly further south of Miami to a little strip off the coast of Florida otherwise known as the Florida Keys. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend for the following reasons: the bluest water I’ve ever seen, being a mere 90 miles from Cuba, and above all, the […]

Ranking the Best Ways to Eat an Egg

(Photo: Danielle Gin) Ranking the Best Ways to Eat an Egg Growing up, I only ever ate scrambled eggs and hard boiled eggs cooked all the way, meaning that my scrambled eggs were never ‘fluffy’. When I came to Penn and went to brunch, I would be asked “how do you want your eggs?” and […]