Reliving Quarantine Food Trends Through the Holidays

As much of the American young adult population unexpectedly found themselves in a lifestyle of seclusion in March, an interesting phenomenon arose. Naturally, out of no longer knowing how else to spend one’s time, people everywhere began tirelessly … whipping coffee.  But this was just the beginning.  Home kitchens suddenly became populated with sourdough starter, […]

Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Oatmeal Cookies!

The adjustment from baking at home to baking at school was a tough one. Back home I could always guarantee that if I came across a mouthwatering recipe on Pinterest and suddenly caught the baking bug, my mom would already have all the ingredients stocked in our cabinets. I never had to think twice about […]

What In The World Will I Do With My — Extracts??

One my favorite things about Penn Appétit is receiving different products and cookbooks from companies, and as Culinary Director, I get the opportunity to test them all out. Recently, Nielsen-Massey sent us samples of their vanilla, orange, and rose extracts. Not only does Nielsen-Massey make fantastic products, but they also have a foundation to support […]

Ice Cream Heaven in the Form of Ample Hills Creamery

Calling all ice cream fanatics: I have found our heaven. It an ice cream store full of people  understand the needs and wants of ice creamer lovers like you, so they are able to create the perfect ice cream. This heaven is called Ample Hills Creamery. This ice cream parlor was founded in Brooklyn and […]

Dessert Directions: Lava Cake

In my quest to bake my way through Dessert for Two, today I have landed on molten lava cakes. The best thing about lava cakes is that they look impressive and fancy but they are stupidly easy to make. Your friends will think that you are a master chef if you make these for them! […]

Dessert Directions: Brownies

I have decided start my quest to bake my way through Dessert for Two with the basics, such as chocolate chip cookies and the brownies I am presenting today. Everyone should have solid recipes for these classics on hand. Additionally, starting with the fundamentals will help me judge the quality of Lane’s recipes, since I consider […]

Recipe: Coconut Macaroons

As someone who is addicted to sugar, I figured what better way to teach myself portion control than to buy a cookbook called Dessert for Two and bake my way through it? According to her website, Lane is a self-taught cook, who has written two cookbooks about cooking for two. Although not as well-known as someone like […]

Recipe: Hazelnut Chocolate Cake with Mousse Filling and Espresso Buttercream

This decadent chocolate hazelnut cake is certainly a project for special occasions, but the end result makes it well worth the time and effort. Velvety layers of chocolate hazelnut cake marry with luscious chocolate hazelnut mousse, while toasted hazelnuts add crunch and a final layer of espresso buttercream adds a complimentary dimension of flavor. Hazelnut […]

Food Resolutions: French Toast Crepes with Stewed Strawberries

Most think of brunch as something for friends or lovers, but it’s become a tradition I enjoy on weekend mornings. Usually, I make cinnamon rolls or doughnuts (or an omelet on the off chance I want something savory). However, I recently felt like trying something new; this recipe still has the right mix of delicious […]

Spread Some Good with Good Spread!

Ever feel like your peanut butter addiction is missing an element of social justice?  If so, Good Spread is here to satisfy your needs! For every jar of honey-kissed peanut butter you buy, Good Spread donates a high-calorie food supplement to a malnourished child. Good Spread is a peanut butter company based in Nashville, Tennessee […]

DIY Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls

One Christmas morning when I was little, my mom surprised my siblings and I by making cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Since then, I have made a special effort to make cinnamon rolls every winter break. This is my favorite cinnamon roll recipe, mostly because it tastes exactly like Cinnabon! Adapted from Jo Cooks ( DIY […]