A Guide to the Portuguese Tart

Chances are—especially if you’ve ever been to a dim sum place—you’ve seen an egg tart, its flaky crust and creamy yellow filling in the middle. In Cantonese, we call it Dan tat, dan meaning “egg” and tat meaning “tart”. But it’s less likely that you’ve met its alternative, po tat, or as the Portuguese might […]

Cooking Club: Vegetable Dumplings

This week, cooking club made vegetable dumplings! If you weren’t lucky enought to make them with the club, here’s the recipe for you to make at home, accompanied by a step-by-step video made by our videographer, Léa Kichler. Recipe adapted from The Woks of Life. Ingredients: 3 tablespoons oil, plus ¼ cup 1 tablespoon minced […]

Erica Chu-s Her Food: Welcome Back – Spring Break Edition

Erica Chu-s Her Food is a column mostly about Asian food. Dear readers. Welcome back! I know it’s been a while. I hope you all have some beautiful tans to show off or some crazy stories to tell. As for me, I have neither, unfortunately. But don’t get too disappointed yet! Instead of absorbing Vitamin […]

Han Dynasty: Szechuan Style Chinese Restaurant and BYO

Last weekend I visited the Han Dynasty BYO Restaurant on 2nd and Chestnut and by the end of the night I was more than convinced that the long SEPTA ride was worth it. Its hard to sort through the incredible number of Asian or Asian fusion restaurants and BYOs in Philly and one is often […]