The Hidden Gems of Shanghainese Cuisine

One of the largest misnomers I’ve seen in the American perception of Chinese food, is the term “Chinese food” itself. To call something “American food” sounds ridiculous, because America is inherently a melting pot of so many different cuisines with hundreds if not thousands of flavor profiles. In the same way, China is an amalgamation […]

A Guide to the Portuguese Tart

Chances are—especially if you’ve ever been to a dim sum place—you’ve seen an egg tart, its flaky crust and creamy yellow filling in the middle. In Cantonese, we call it Dan tat, dan meaning “egg” and tat meaning “tart”. But it’s less likely that you’ve met its alternative, po tat, or as the Portuguese might […]

Health Nut: A Different Kind of Salad

My favorite cuisine in the whole entire world is Chinese, but unfortunately I have been unable to find a Chinese place that satisfies my cravings (I’m open to suggestions people!). In order to keep the crave monster away and stay happy, I make my own lettuce wraps. This is a recipe I developed over the […]