Ranking the Best Ways to Eat an Egg

(Photo: Danielle Gin) Ranking the Best Ways to Eat an Egg Growing up, I only ever ate scrambled eggs and hard boiled eggs cooked all the way, meaning that my scrambled eggs were never ‘fluffy’. When I came to Penn and went to brunch, I would be asked “how do you want your eggs?” and […]

SkyBrunch: Eggs with a View

If you think the view from a high rise rooftop lounge is nice, you’ll definitely appreciate the view from the 50th floor of a Philadelphia skyscraper, especially if it’s accompanied by endless filet mignon, sushi, muffins, and eggs. That’s exactly what you get when you dine at Sky Brunch, a brunch buffet at the top of […]

All-Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

In my house at Easter, we always have a Central European spread full of babka, ham, fruit, and, of course, eggs. However, no matter how much child-me begged, neon synthetic dyes for egg coloring were strictly banned at Easter time. It was all-natural dye in my house. We had a strict Easter division of labor—mom […]

4 Weeknight Dinners That Are Way Better Than Greek Lady

It’s Monday. You just got another econ problem set. You spilled the entire contents of your backpack onto the floor of Van Pelt while the security guards “checked” your bag on the way out. Your favorite cashier at FroGro didn’t greet you by name as you made your weekly purchase of strawberry jam and cherry […]