An Interview With Gunner Gislason

( Meet Gunnar Gislason, world-renowned chef and restaurant owner. After opening his restaurant, Dill, in 2009, it has won Iceland’s “Restaurant of the Year” every year until 2016, when he moved to New York with his family to work at Agern in Grand Central Terminal. Under his supervision as head chef, Agern earned its first […]

An Interview with Dominique Ansel: Pastry Pioneer

With Penn being so close to New York City, you might unexpectedly find yourself in the city every now and then. While a trip into the city calls for sightseeing tourist attractions and shopping on 5th Ave, one of my personal favorite things to do is explore its expansive food scene. In my most recent […]

Making Indian for Everyone: an Interview with Anupy Singla

Born in India but raised outside Philadelphia, Anupy Singla brings authentic Indian cuisine to new American audiences with her company Indian As Apple Pie. A former broadcast journalist turned cookbook author and entrepreneur, her commitment to healthy recipes and family-oriented cooking is inspired by her dedication to bring good, authentic food to her two daughters. […]

Interview with James Barrett, Metropolitan Cafe Baker and Co-Owner

This past week, Penn Appetit had the privilege of conducting an exclusive interview with James Barrett, Metropolitan Café Baker and Co-Owner. Metropolitan Café is the extension and reflection of Wendy Born and James Barrett from the traditional Metropolitan Bakery locations. Opened in February 2013, the Café boasts its warm and inviting atmosphere. The intentional lack […]

Cafe La Maude: A French-Lebanese Tribute

What with Fall Break, it was the perfect time for me to join good company all the way down to 816 N 4th St., which holds a beautiful French-Lebanese restaurant – Cafe La Maude. Upon devouring my delicious brunch, I had the chance to interview the co-owner and learn some incredible things about how the place started. Cafe […]

Truck Treks: Foo Truck

It was raining at 11am on the Friday of Fall Break and my friend and I couldn’t find the food truck we had planned to visit. While checking up on the other food trucks parked on 35th and Market, only one successfully caught our eyes: the very colorful Foo Truck. It’s a good thing Foo […]

An Italian Renaissance: A Masterful Summer Menu at Le Castagne

Last week, Penn Appetit had an exlusive interview with Executive Chef of Le Castagne, Michael DeLone. We even were able to sample some of his newest menu items! Like all great careers, Chef Michael DeLone’s of Le Castagne began with a sibling rivalry. At age fifteen, DeLone jealously watched his sister become a busgirl. Unable […]

A Smashing Sommelier: Interview with Kevin McCann

Last week, Penn Appetit had an exclusive interview with Davio’s own Sommelier and soon-to-be Smackdown contestant, Kevin McCann.  Find out how he became interested in the industry and his feelings about the upcoming event (among other things!) below: “I’m curious. Excited curious,” Kevin McCann, Davio’s own Sommelier, reflectively responded when asked about the upcoming Sommelier […]

Nicholas Normile: Student Chef

“I was the only kid and I guess he was impressed with that,” says Nicholas Normile as he explains his fortuitous introduction into the professional culinary world. Seated across from me, Nick emanates collected confidence. His short blond hair reflects the sunbeam coming in through the window and his wide smile reflects the passion he […]

ACHIEVEability Food for Thought Interview with Shake Shack

Shake Shack is part of Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG), which includes many of New York City’s most celebrated restaurants: Union Square Cafe, Gramercy Tavern, The Modern, among others. The Philadelphia branches wholeheartedly support ACHIEVEability and representatives were present at the Food for Thought Gala, serving up freshly grilled burgers and boston cream pie […]

Afternoon with a Haute Dog Artist

Hawk Krall has arranged a hot dog experiment. He’s put water on the stove and Russian dogs out to thaw on the counter. There’s a pink Molochnie Frank, an orange Vienna Sausage, and a rust-colored Parowki Cieleco-Wieprzowe. Krall is a graphic artist and a recovering chef. He’s all looseness and liberation: a surfer personality who […]

Canal House visits Penn

Near the banks of the Delaware, just across from an old-fashioned hardware store, tucked on the second floor of a red brick building, is a kitchen-studio. On a normal day, it’s a hotbed of activity. Eight burners and two ovens blaze. Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton are turning food on. The team self publishes their […]