Quick Snacks to Munch On While Studying

Exam week is just around the corner and there’s nothing more comforting than a quick, easy, healthy, and delicious snack to accompany your studying! Here are just a couple of ideas that you could easily make in a dorm room: Banana Dog Bites There is nothing better than the banana and peanut butter combo. All […]

Spread Some Good with Good Spread!

Ever feel like your peanut butter addiction is missing an element of social justice?  If so, Good Spread is here to satisfy your needs! For every jar of honey-kissed peanut butter you buy, Good Spread donates a high-calorie food supplement to a malnourished child. Good Spread is a peanut butter company based in Nashville, Tennessee […]

Vegan Baking: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

The chocoholic in me struck again this weekend, and I found myself desperate for a quick fix of sweets. After a quick glance in my cupboard, I realized I’d have to get a little creative in order to create a satisfying treat. These peanut butter cups are not too sweet, a little crunchy, and a […]