Best Pies of the Keys

(Photo: Pinn Chirathivat) This spring I ventured slightly further south of Miami to a little strip off the coast of Florida otherwise known as the Florida Keys. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend for the following reasons: the bluest water I’ve ever seen, being a mere 90 miles from Cuba, and above all, the […]

Food fusions: Buffalo chicken and blue cheese pie

Hello food enthusiasts! This week, I am making an incredibly delicious buffalo chicken and blue cheese pie. This is inspired from when I first tried a buffalo chicken slider, not too long ago. There was just something unique about the combination of buffalo sauce with blue cheese that I cannot simply explain with words. I […]

This is the Apple Pie You’ve Been Dreaming Of

It’s fall, people! And you know what that means: apples, and lots of ‘em. Here at Penn Appétit we can hardly contain ourselves when we walk by the farmer’s market on 36th and Walnut each Wednesday. And who can blame us? With so many varieties to choose from, it’s almost impossible not to walk away […]

Bloggers’ Bites: Oh My Pie

Bloggers’ Bites is a series of posts chronicling the foodie adventures of Penn Appétit’s blog staff. In honor of our Spring 2014 pie issue, we asked our bloggers what their favorite pie flavor was. See you at our launch tonight! Shira Hendler: I have a hard time choosing one pie flavor as my favorite, but definitely the […]