Ice Cream Heaven in the Form of Ample Hills Creamery

Calling all ice cream fanatics: I have found our heaven. It an ice cream store full of people  understand the needs and wants of ice creamer lovers like you, so they are able to create the perfect ice cream. This heaven is called Ample Hills Creamery. This ice cream parlor was founded in Brooklyn and […]

Dessert Directions: Brownies

I have decided start my quest to bake my way through Dessert for Two with the basics, such as chocolate chip cookies and the brownies I am presenting today. Everyone should have solid recipes for these classics on hand. Additionally, starting with the fundamentals will help me judge the quality of Lane’s recipes, since I consider […]

Recipe: Coconut Macaroons

As someone who is addicted to sugar, I figured what better way to teach myself portion control than to buy a cookbook called Dessert for Two and bake my way through it? According to her website, Lane is a self-taught cook, who has written two cookbooks about cooking for two. Although not as well-known as someone like […]

Spread Some Good with Good Spread!

Ever feel like your peanut butter addiction is missing an element of social justice?  If so, Good Spread is here to satisfy your needs! For every jar of honey-kissed peanut butter you buy, Good Spread donates a high-calorie food supplement to a malnourished child. Good Spread is a peanut butter company based in Nashville, Tennessee […]

A Chocoholic’s Best Chocolates Quick Guide

With Valentine’s Day approaching quickly it’s only normal to start panicking about what to get for friends, family, and significant others. As this is my last semester at Penn and in Philadelphia, I am going to finally share with you guys my list of the best chocolates I’ve tasted that can be found in Philadelphia, […]

10 Chocolate-Centric Recipes to Feed Your Feelings This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day= chocolate, whether you are paired up or not. Chocolate is always there for you. Here are 10 ways to get your fill this Valentine’s Day, or anytime really, because you don’t need an excuse! 1.Dark Chocolate Blueberry BlondiesRecipe here 2. Chocolate Tart Recipe here 3. Mini Molten Chocolate Cakes Recipe here 4. Boston […]

The Artisan Exchange: 10 Things You Must Try

Last week, we were invited to check out a place called The Artisan Exchange in West Chester, PA, which is a place where people starting small artisanal businesses can gain access to a commercial kitchen and other equipment necessary for them to get started, and also a place for them to sell their products to […]

Chocoholic: 10 Must-Try Indonesian Sweet Snacks

If you have never tried Indonesian traditional snacks, read on. Chocoholic has compiled this guide of Indonesian traditional snacks worth trying for your convenience. P.S: Since I have only been in the island of Java–and Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of thousands of islands–this list is by no means extensive and only reflects my regional […]

Chocoholic: Mooncake Edition

Hi guys! Chocoholic, Penn Appetit’s resident sweet tooth, is back and ready to share more about chocolates, pastries, desserts, and other sweet goodness. After spending this past summer in China and trying out a plethora of local foods and sweets (including visiting a local pastry factory!!!), I was inspired to take this column to another […]

Go Chia, It’s Your Birthday

50 Cent got it right: whether or not it’s your birthday, there’s always a reason to party. And to have enough energy to hang out with your friends, play a sport, or study into the night, you need something to fuel those activities. goChia! may just be the solution. Chia seeds are harvested from Salvia hispanica, a […]

Chocoholic: “Birthday Cake” Flavor

In recent years, “birthday cake” flavor has been popping up in many different forms. It’s understandable; sometimes you just miss the delicious taste of birthday cake, even when it’s not your special day. Even though the interpretation of what a birthday cake flavor should taste like varies, two flavors seem to be recurrent: it’s usually […]