Street Food, Food Trucks, and Crazy Competition at EATS Philadelphia


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On May 5, Philadelphia’s most popular chefs convened at World Cafe live to raise money to fight childhood hunger around the world, competing in a night of friendly culinary competition through the lens of street food.


Philadelphia’s favorite food trucks lined the street outside– each serving up complimentary dishes to hungry guests.


Crispy crust and gooey melted cheese combined at The Farm Truck, where sizzling hot cuban sandwiches came sliding fresh off the griddle.

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The Surf and Turf Truck offered a full menu of seafood dishes ranging from classic cold lobster rolls to grilled salmon sliders smeared with cool dill mayo.

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Samosa Deb and her energetic team handed out spicy samosas drizzled with sticky sweet tamarind sauce and cool yogurt. Rich bowls of chicken tikka masala topped with crunchy grains of puffed rice and fluffy pieces of naan overflowing with fragrant curried chickpeas filled the tables lining the sidewalk.

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Nomad Pizza pulled piping hot pizzas directly from the wood-fired oven built into the side of their truck. Each pizza’s crust was light and fluffy, with a leopard print of crisp charred spots lining the bottom. Our personal favorite pie was the n’duja– topped with smoky bits of house-made sausage, a smattering of fresh oregano and basil, and a generous handful of arugula.


Inside the event, competition was fierce. By the end of the night, each chef had stunned the crowd with their own creative take on a different street food. At the end of the night chefs Marcie Turney the coveted judge’s choice award, while Nomad Pizza left with the title of favorite food truck.

-Chase Matecun and Jenny Lu


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