Red Owl Tavern New Menu

Chef Caitlin Mateo, the newly appointed chief at Red Owl Tavern has designed a new spring menu. Wonder how it is? Penn Appetit has got you covered! Read this article to discover more.

Chef Caitlin Mateo

Red Owl Tavern is the elegant and trendy restaurant of the Kimpton Hotel Monaco located in Center City. The restaurant offers American classics with contemporary twists.

One should note the lively and elegant atmosphere of the place. The industrial decoration is extremely chic with some red and black hues to add color. You can eat at the bar or upstairs for a more romantic ambience.  It is buzzing, yet intimate.

Inside Red Owl Tavern

The first thing we tried was a beets cocktail called Modigo Indigo. Made out of beets, it was extremely refreshing and tasty. Although I am not a big beet fan, the sparkling wine added a remarkable touch. The ensemble was very well balanced.

Modigo Indigo, a beet cocktail

We decided to order different starters and entrees so that we could have a full taste of the menu.

The most intriguing and original starter was certainly the Brussel sprouts. Imagine a fried soft boiled egg on lightly panned Brussel sprouts. The dish was original and extremely well mastered. The  (beet salad with among crumble and duck confit) was also a really nice start.

Beet salad starter

We also had the opportunity to taste the octopus, interestingly combined with white beans and tomato sauce.
For our entree, we opted for the duck and the 20 ounce steak.

Both were extremely well cooked with a nice amount of sides.  Still, the 20 ounce steak stood aside. In my whole life I had never seen a steak so big. It was extremely savory, easy to cut with absolutely no nerves. I was delighted by the strong taste of the meat and I’ve got to admit that I mainly focused my attention on finishing it rather than eating my mashed potato and green chards.

20 oz. steak

For Game of Throne Lovers, Red Owl Tavern is going to hold several themed dinners this spring, beginning with a Game of Throne one.

It is a nice spot to hang out, eat and try a Philadelphian brew beer.



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