Trader Joe’s Fall Roundup

The best place to be this time of year is in fact Trader Joe’s. While Trader Joe’s regular products are already amazing, the seasonal items are extra special. Each fall, Trader Joe’s brings back old fall favorites, while debuting new ones each year. I went to Trader Joe’s in Center City and brought back ten of my favorite fall items. I hope you get the chance to get your hands on these soon (the  Center City location is only a 20 minute walk from Van Pelt!)

1. This mix infuses pumpkin into a dessert I didn’t know it could be so tasty in: oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. It’s one of the new fall items for 2019 and I’d highly recommend this for an easy way to bake something delicious and seasonal!

2. Firstly, this fall pasta is adorably pumpkin shaped. Secondly, it’s delicious and pairs great with one of the TJ’s fall pasta sauces -the autumnal harvest sauce is one of my favorites.

3. If you want to make anything instantly taste like fall and deliciousness, it’s as easy as slathering it in this pumpkin butter. Buy this to put on waffles, toast, maybe even to eat out of the jar.

4. Trader Joe’s ‘Hold The Cone’ mini ice cream cones are great in their classic chocolate and vanilla flavors, but these pumpkin ginger ones are the stand-outs. Not only is the pumpkin ice cream to die for in the perfectly spiced ginger cone, but the mini size of these is perfect for a quick dessert (and if you want seconds!).

5. This pumpkin bread & muffin mix is another delicious item for some easy (but impressive) baked goods. It’s super versatile – make chocolate chip pumpkin bread, or walnut pumpkin bread, or whatever fall creation you dream up!

6. Pumpkin pie spice is a classic, but too good to ignore. This is amazing on oatmeal, in coffee, and probably anything you want to give a fall kick to.

7. Move aside pumpkin, this butternut squash dish really wows. It’s your perfect comfort food for the fall. The pasta cooks perfectly and the cheese blend is super hearty.

8. My friend had these cookies innocently sitting out on her counter during a party, and while “trying one out” my friends and I finished off the entire box. These are that good. Highly suggest.

9. I’ll be honest, these aren’t SUPER different from normal corn tortilla chips. But they’re adorable and the most perfect tortilla chip to have with dips at your next fall party. (Btw, the chips are colored with beet, carrot, and pumpkin powders!

10. Sadly not pictured but very loved: The Honey Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli. This colorful orange ravioli is packed with sweet pureed pumpkin mixed with ricotta and mozzarella cheese.

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