Best Wintry Beverages

K'Far Latte

Guys, it’s cold — which also means it’s getting to be the time of year when sugar and caffeine get us through late-night study sessions. We asked Penn Appétit staff for the best drinks for this season. Here are our recommendations.

Wawa Cold Brew

While cold brew may not seem like the best choice for chilly weather, Wawa cold brew is an exception. This cold brew is the most caffeinated coffee I’ve ever had, short of an espresso shot. When you need to grind for hours on end for finals season, Wawa cold brew is there for you.

– Shaila

Tea-Do Hot Taro Milk Tea

Perhaps a drink that leans more on the eccentric side of the boba spectrum, this taro milk tea is rich and flavorful and perfect for warming up in the winter months. But more importantly , it’s a taste of home to get me through final seasons and reminds me that I’ll be flying home in less than a month!

– Josephine

Metro Cafe’s Chai-der

If you’re not a coffee person but need a little pick-me-up, a chaider will stimulate your brain and warm your heart. 1/2 hot apple cider, 1/2 chai latte makes for a frothy, cinnamon-topped slice of heaven.

– Grace

Metro Cafe’s London Fog

This soft, sweet, vanilla froth is like drinking a cloud. Tea-based (for just a hint of caffeine) getting this London Fog is like getting a hug as you study, or wearing your softest sweater. I swear.

– Grace, indecisive

Corner Bakery’s Truffle Hot Chocolate

This spin on a classic will leave you drooling just thinking about it. The truffle adds heaps of flavor to this hot drink. It’s perfect for warming up in the cold and for soothing your chocolate craving with arguably the best hot chocolate in Philly.

– Shreya

Starbucks Hot Chocolate

This nostalgic drink screams “I was just sledding for 4 hours and all my limbs are frozen and I don’t care if its meant for children it tastes good”. The whip cream on top is a must and completes this wholesome drink. The extreme amount of sugar in this drink will leave you bouncing off the walls for the next few hours (in the best way possible).

– Nicole

Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Frap

I’m not a hot drinks person all year round, so fraps are my go-to when I want to treat myself for finals season. In particular the peppermint mocha is a good winter time drink because anything with peppermint puts me in the mood for the holidays! 🙂

– Michelle

Wilcaf Purple Haze

This earl grey tea-based drink is the only thing getting me through finals this year. A touch of lavender syrup and some frothy steamed milk will have you feeling calm and cozy while you grind out that 15-page paper.

– Alaina

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