The Starbucks Drink to Cure Your Winter Cold

Ever heard of the “Medicine Ball?”

Nope, not the one you lift at the gym. It’s the drink that you should buy if you’ve got a cold or feel one coming. You won’t find it explicitly written in the Starbucks menu, but go to Stommons (or any Starbucks) and the ladies will know what you’re talking about. They’ll be yelling “Can I get a steamed lemonade?” as soon as you mention it.

The Medicine Ball is a customized drink that has recently been taking headlines all over social media. Its base is, as mentioned, steamed lemonade. Then the barista will add two tea packets: Jade Citrus Mint and Peach Tranquility. Lastly, they’ll add two tablespoons of honey! Warm, sweet, and soothing: a sip of the Medicine Ball is guaranteed to make you feel better from any state of health. It surely helped cure my cold!

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