Why I Bought Ten Pounds of Muesli

I have eaten virtually the same breakfast every single day for the last four years. 

Getting to high school on time was a struggle for me. For a night owl, waking up early enough to make breakfast and lunch, get ready, and drive 25 minutes to school was painful. I found some solutions: making my lunch at night, picking out my clothes when I went to bed, and driving really fast. Breakfast, however, was always a struggle. Bars wouldn’t fill me up until lunch, but I didn’t have enough time to prepare anything more substantial.

That’s when muesli changed my life. Muesli (mew-slee) is an uncooked mix of oats, nuts, seeds, grains, and dried fruit. It originated in Switzerland, but has spread to other parts of Europe. It’s nutritious and easy to prepare.

If I know I have time in the morning, I’ll boil some muesli on the stove and add fresh apple or banana. If I’m rushed, the night before, I’ll top a scoop of greek yogurt with cinnamon, muesli, and frozen berries. If I want a lighter breakfast, I’ll mix muesli with almond milk. With the various ways to prepare it, I never get bored.

Each bite is a surprise. I may scoop up some oats, but I could also get a sunflower seed, raisin, date, or grain kernel. The mix of flavors makes every bite exciting. 

That’s why, last month, I bought ten pounds of muesli. After eating it nearly daily for the past three years, I figured it was time to commit.

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