The Best Quarantine Snacks

Make Your Isolation a Little Bit Sweeter

Bored of your normal quarantine snacks? Try these Penn Appétit staff favorites.

Banana Bread

There’s nothing more comforting that banana bread. Sweet, tender, and satisfying, it’s the perfect way to eat your feelings. I love adding chocolate chips or walnuts to make it every more flavorful.

-Shaila, Digital Director

Baked Oatmeal

The easiest thing to make! Not too sweet and full of healthy stuff, you can add any toppings you want and mix anything in before you stick it into the oven. Can be eaten for breakfast, snacks, literally meal.

-Lulu, Culinary

Cereal, But With Crumbled Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cereal is an all-day, any day filling snack. Bump it up a level with some chocolate chip cookies crumbled into it, and wait for them to get slightly soggy and WOW.

-Sylvia, Marketing

Banana “Ice Cream”

Whenever I’m at home on my couch, I crave ice cream. Now that I’m on my couch every day… we’ve come up with a substitute. Just frozen bananas blended with a bit of the milk of your choice. Then a bit more. Then a bit more. And top with chocolate, dulce de leche, Oreos, whatever!

-Grace, Managing Director

Super Dark Chocolate (like, over 85%)

Super dark chocolate is ultra cocoa-y, barely sweet, and has the illusion of being sour, which I love. It tastes like such pure chocolate, eating a 60% chocolate bar will never be appealing again. Only a few squares will do you–it’s super intense, and you’ll feel fancy eating it.

-Xander, Exec Director

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