5 Places to Satisfy Your Asian Food Cravings (near campus)

Are you on-campus and looking for that perfect Asian meal/snack? Are you at home, but want the run-down on all the fun Asian food near campus so you can start planning your meals ahead of time? I’ve got you covered. Although I’ve only experienced the Penn/Philly food scene for a couple months, I’ve found plenty of good Asian food that is a reasonable enough distance so that my friends agree to come along with me. Here are the places I’ve loved so far: 

1. Bao Nine

Bao Nine is located in Rittenhouse, serving up delicious bao buns that put a twist on a Taiwanese favorite. The combination of the fluffy buns, meat, and sauce are sure to please. Their sizing makes them a great food option at all times, whether you want to get one as a snack or three for a satisfying dinner! So far, my personal favorites are the “Hot Motha Clucka” the “Lil Bao Wow,” and “The Bang Bang.” (Disclaimer: these are not the exact same three pictured!) Bonus points for convenient outdoor seating at some cute picnic tables!

2. Dim Sum House (by Jane G’s)

Dim Sum is so fun in groups, and if you or your friends haven’t tried it before I highly recommend Dim Sum House! Their soup dumplings are perfect for chilly weather. My friends and I loved everything we ordered when we went, from the scallion pancake to the Ho Fun noodles. You can also find this gem in Rittenhouse!

3. Poke Man 

If you’re looking for a quicker, on campus option, I have only good things to say about Poke Man on Chestnut St. It’s always fun to make your own bowl because you really can’t go wrong no matter what combination of toppings you choose!

4. Tsaocca (bubble tea) 

Ok, so this isn’t technically food but this is my favorite bubble tea I’ve tried since being in Philly. And guess what? It’s located right inside Poke Man, so you can get that perfect combo of poke and bubble tea. Tsaocca is my favorite because the texture and flavor of their bubbles are so good. They also have a bunch of unique drinks like Caramel Bubble Milk Black Tea with Dark Brown Sugar (pictured), and if you’re adventurous they have various flavors of cheese milk tea! You can also find Tsaocca at the Ten Asian Food Hall in Rittenhouse.

5. Stock 

Right across the street from Dim Sum House, Stock is another delicious Asian food spot. They sell banh mi, noodles, soup, and more! I loved the Pho Fried Chicken Sandwich. Right now, Stock is only taking online orders, so I would recommend it for a quick bite to eat or takeout for a night in!’

That’s it for this Asian food round-up! I hope I gave you a new place to try, and if you’re not in Philly this semester, I hope I gave you some good food to look forward to!

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