3 Easy DIY Boba Recipes to Try at Home

Recently, my boba habit has started to add up, so I’ve started to make it at home. It’s surprisingly easy to make and hits the spot when you’re too lazy to go out or are like me and looking to save some money.

Cooking the tapioca pearls is simple. For most packaged boba, using the 30-30 cooking method works amazingly well. By boiling the pearls for 30 minutes and then allowing them to rest for another 30 minutes, you get perfect, chewy boba for your next bubble tea creation! You can also add brown sugar to the boba while it’s resting to add additional sweetness.

After the pearls are done, it’s time to make the tea. From milk tea to fruit tea, the options are endless. Here are my three of my favorite recipes to get you started!

Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Image From Recipe and Photo by Food52

Brown sugar bubble tea is a twist on classic milk tea. By mixing the pearls with brown sugar and using the syrup from the mixture to sweeten the tea, you get a rich caramel flavor that pairs wonderfully with the slightly bitter profile of black tea. While some brown sugar milk tea recipes don’t actually include black tea, I find that it tastes best when they’re brought together.

Strawberry Matcha Latte

Image From Recipe and Photo by MochiMommy

Strawberries and matcha sound like a weird combination, but Boba Guys (a San Francisco-based boba chain) has proved that pairing them together is magical. This recreation of Boba Guys’ strawberry matcha latte tastes almost like a milkshake, and the brightly contrasting layers make this drink Instagram-worthy. To get clearly defined layers, add lots of ice and pour very slowly.

Peach Green Tea

Image From Recipe and Photo by Well and Full

Combining fruit tea and boba is often controversial, but this peach green tea is great with or without pearls. If you’re not feeling dairy, this refreshing recipe is the way to go. Add a bit of ginger if you’re feeling adventurous.

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