Bread and Brie: Trying the Latest New Food TikTok Trend

If your TikTok feed looks anything like mine, you’re always getting restaurant recommendations and cooking videos. Recently, I’ve seen lots of people stuffing a bread loaf with brie and melting it in the oven. Since I love both cheese and bread, it was a no-brainer that I had to try it for myself. 

The ingredients are simple. All you really need is a large bread loaf of your choice, and a circle of brie cheese. For me, I chose a circular Tuscan bread loaf from Wegmans. First, I took a bread knife and cut a hole just large enough to fit the brie, making the loaf into a giant bread bowl. 

Then, I trimmed the top outer crust of the cheese with a knife, and the edges so that it would fit in the slightly too small hole that I had cut in the bread. 

After that, I garnished with some black pepper and rosemary, and popped it in the oven for 8 minutes at 400 degrees. Don’t forget to put the leftover bread you cut out in the oven too!

After 8 minutes, the cheese beautifully melts into the bread. I decided to add a drizzle of honey, and a couple of extra rosemary sprigs just for aesthetic. But if you try this at home too, you can garnish with whatever you’d like! I’ve also seen people add crushed garlic on top. 

Eating it is the most fun part. I had my parents join me for a taste test during our dinner, and we all loved it. We first tore off chunks of bread from the portion I cut out to dip into the cheese. The cheese was so melty and gooey, and the honey added a perfect balance of sweetness. 

After the extra bread was gone, we got to work at attacking the bread bowl itself. This was messy, but so fun! It was especially nice because every piece of bread had a generous amount of gooey cheese when torn off. However, I will say that it was super filling, and we definitely had leftovers to rebake for the next day. I recommend making this to share for a larger group of people (or for yourself, across multiple days)!

A lot of TikTok recipes look simple at first, but never come out the way they’re supposed to when you actually try them. However, I thought this recipe was super easy to follow and tasted amazing. It makes for perfect comfort food for when it’s cold out, and looks professionally done with minimal effort!  If you’re a cheese person, a bread person, or both, definitely try this trend out to impress your family over the holidays. 

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