Ranking the Best Ways to Eat an Egg

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Ranking the Best Ways to Eat an Egg

Growing up, I only ever ate scrambled eggs and hard boiled eggs cooked all the way, meaning that my scrambled eggs were never ‘fluffy’. When I came to Penn and went to brunch, I would be asked “how do you want your eggs?” and my response was always just “cooked”. This all changed in quarantine, when I became obsessed with eating eggs and ate eggs every day for over six months. Now I have finally tried deviled eggs, sunny-side eggs, poached eggs, fried eggs, and more. These are my rankings: 

8. Hard Boiled Eggs

Rating: 4/10

Texture Rating: 2/10

Opinion: I’ve never met someone who ate hard boiled eggs out of choice and not necessity. Hard boiled eggs are quick and an excellent source of protein, but something about the dry, powdery texture of the egg yolk is off-putting. If you’re like me and can’t stand the texture of the egg yolk, try adding some salt and pepper, or even some hot sauce. 

7. Scrambled Eggs

Rating: 4.5/10

Texture Rating: 4/10

Opinion: This is definitely an unpopular opinion, but scrambled eggs are too inconsistent to be ranked higher. It’s hard to find the balance between watery eggs and overcooked dry eggs and even when they are “fluffy”, the flavor is still lacking. While “fluffy” eggs are a breakfast classic, I refuse to eat scrambled eggs for breakfast because the smell of butter combined with eggs and milk makes it difficult for me to eat in the morning. 

6. Omelets

Rarting: 6/10

Texture Rating: 6/10

Opinion: The flexibility of omelets, whether that includes adding vegetables or cheese, makes them a great option for anyone. Omelets require more skill to make than scrambled eggs or boiled eggs, making them difficult to master and frustrating for some beginners. I also find omelets to be too heavy and filling for breakfast or even a light lunch. 

5. Fried Eggs

Rating: 6.5/10

Texture Rating: 6/10

Opinion: Fried eggs can be over-easy, over-medium, over-well, or sunny-side up. I personally don’t like my eggs flipped and the texture of eggs when the edges are browned immediately makes it less appetizing. 

4. Soft Boiled Eggs

Rating: 6.5/10
Texture Rating: 7/10

Opinion: Soft boiled eggs have the best of both worlds with the egg whites having a silky and smooth texture and the egg yolk being runny or gooey, meaning that the eggs are also easier to eat. If they’re placed in a soup or other flavoring, they are also able to absorb the flavor. My favorite is eating soft boiled eggs on their own or in ramen. They also receive a higher rating because they need minimal effort and little supervision beyond setting a timer. 

3. Deviled Eggs

Rating: 7/10

Texture Rating: 9/10

Opinion: I had my first deviled egg in January and absolutely loved it. I love how the filling is seasoned and the egg white also absorbs some of that flavor. I usually don’t like anything with mustard, but the combination of creamy mayo, tangy mustard, and vinegar topped off with paprika is enjoyable. Deviled eggs are also an excellent finger food since they can be eaten in a few bites.  

2. Sunny-Side Eggs

Rating: 8/10

Texture Rating: 8/10

Opinion: Sunny-side eggs are a type of fried egg, but I separated them from fried eggs because the texture is different. Sunny-side eggs strike a perfect balance between a runny egg yolk and a cooked egg white (which is thinner than hard and soft boiled eggs). They are also easy to make and cutting into the runny egg instantly makes any meal better. I love eating sunny-side eggs with crushed red-pepper and a dash of hot sauce. Unlike other fried eggs, they also typically avoid crispy and browned edges. 

1. Poached Eggs 

Rating: 9/10

Texture Rating: 10/10

Opinion: Poached eggs are the best way to eat an egg because they have a softer texture and similar to sunny-side eggs, cutting into the runny egg is instantly gratifying. They also don’t use butter or oil (which can give some eggs a greasy or oily taste/smell). Poached eggs also complement bread, rice, and vegetables easily, making them part of a meal rather than a snack or side. They are also not exclusive to breakfast, making them a universal option. 

Final Thoughts

Eggs, although filling and quick to make, can be difficult to consistently master and as I’ve tried the above ways of eating egg, I have finally found my answer to how I want my eggs. Since I didn’t grow up eating a lot of eggs, texture, seasoning, and the egg yolk make a huge impact on whether I enjoy my meal. I’ve come to learn that the perfect egg complements other aspects of a meal, and is light and flavorful. 

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