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2020 brought a lot of surprises into our lives — one of those being TikTok becoming the new preferred source of finding new recipes and cooking hacks. That’s right, TikTok isn’t just a platform for viral dances and Vine-esque comedy skits. It is also home to “food TikTok” — in other words,  thousands of inviting chefs and foodies sharing quick videos of charcuterie board tricks, ice cream cake how-tos, and family recipes. Here are some of my favorite food TikTokers to follow!

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In his videos, young New Yorker Nasim Lahbichi voiceovers his videos with his soothing voice as if you’re an old friend he wants to share a nourishing meal with. He films TikToks making sweetgreen salad dupes, seasonal dishes like pumpkin miso pasta, and staple recipes like pickled onions. His videos are unique, super easy to follow, and beautifully filmed with his unique touch.

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Shereen is like your loving yet slightly aggressive aunt who will shun you for not making something from scratch. Her account has awesome, classic recipes like how to make the perfect steak, orzo salad, or strawberry jam — down to every last detail. She also posts ‘Chefie tips’ that we could all use, such as how to easily prep ginger.

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Jeremy Scheck is a fellow college student at Cornell who certainly knows his way around the kitchen. His crispy potatoes tutorial went viral, and he is TikTok famous at this point! Although he started on TikTok during quarantine last spring, he’s been a home cook for years, has worked at a bakery, and even taught cooking classes. He shares a wide range of recipes, from baking to homemade pasta to easy ten minute dinners, and sprinkles in bits of wisdom too.

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