A Guide to a New Franklin Table

If you walk by Starbucks in front of Hill and not go into Franklin’s Table, you are missing out on one of the best food choices on campus. On 34th and Walnut Street, the food hall can often fool you as a part of CVS, especially when you are busily speed walking to get coffee at Dunkin. Do not think of a Taco Bell or Pizza hut – Franklin’s Table gathers all the best local chefs in Philly. Whether you are looking for a burger and sizzling French fries or filling nutty tehina shakes and falafel sandwiches, Franklin’s table has all you need!

High Street Provisions


Monday – Friday

11 am – 3 pm

Brought by High Street Philly, a bakery and restaurant at Washington Square West, HSP offers artisanal all-day brunch. The avocado toast, on their famous sourdough, is topped with baby tomatoes and fresh arugula with a touch of garlic. If you are bored with small, mediocre avo toast, this one is something you’ve never tried before – and most importantly, filling. The Rueben sandwich is one hearty meal, if you are craving corned beef and swiss cheese melt along with coleslaw. Don’t forget to get the cinnamon bun.

DK Sushi


Monday – Friday

11 am – 7 pm

DK sushi is a casual food court version of Double Knot (if you’re a big fan of sushi, this should ring a bell), the sushi bar and izakaya, part of the Schulson Collective. Through computer kiosks, high-quality maki rolls, sushi + sashimi combo, and even omakase will be served. Fresh salmon, avocado, and warm sushi rice is always a good choice, and with their special sesame soy sauce, you will have to come back again. If you are feeling extra hungry, Chef’s box is a combination of edamame, roll, sushi, rice bowl all in one with your choice of fish.



Monday – Friday

11 am – 3 pm

Goldie, named for baby Zahav, is a perfect place for a healthy but satisfying vegan meal. Their Tehina – ground sesame seeds – never disappoints a hungry college student hunting for a wake-up-and-ready-for-class shake. Their famous falafel sandwich deserves special attention, while the hummus tehina platter is perfect for snacking on fresh pita bread, and a sour-savory salad. Goldie’s Home-made hummus- topped with seasonal garnishes like lamb with pine nuts, or avocado with harissa- is pleasantly smooth and a must have for any first timer. Closes at three though, so better run!

Pitruco Pizza


Monday – Saturday

5 pm – 10 pm

 At Pitruco, a Brick oven pizza with chewy, long-fermented dough comes in under three minutes. Classic Margherita can never go wrong – carefully topped with fresh bufala mozzarella and Neapolitan sauce, it is a perfect addition to a crispy autumn day. Get a box of Pitruco and sit down in front of the beautiful green in front of the college hall! Walking around Center City, you might also spot the Pitruco food truck, where they originally started.

KQ Burger


Monday – Friday

11 am – 4 pm

Casual offshoot of Kensington Quakers in Fishtown, KQ Burger is committed to sustainability and sourcing practices, considering the whole animal while developing their menu. Along with the variety of toppings, freshly cut fries and fried chicken sandwiches are  staples of KQ burger; their taste is as good as their irresistible smell. But even the  simple KQ classic beef cheeseburger will lighten up your day with a juicy patty and refreshing minced white onion.

As Franklin Table has reopened with the new school year, some of the stores here are worth reintroducing. If you are a hungry college student always hunting for some good meals, try these places! One thing to keep in mind: at noon, the food hall often gets crowded with students and staff from campus – order online!

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