Snack Break: Best Snacks from CVS

Imagine: Late at night you’re up grinding on whatever assignment or studying for your midterm tomorrow morning. Suddenly, you feel a grumble in your stomach and hear it roaring at you. You realize you’ll be up for quite a bit studying so instead of ignoring the hunger, you decide to grab a snack. Pulling out your snack cart, you gasp! It’s empty! Oh no! Don’t let this be you. 

Luckily, CVS is right down the street, and they have some fire options for some delicious snacks. Keep these essential, easy snacks in your snack drawer, cart, or shelf for whenever you need a late night snack break.

First: a chocolatey crunch

First and foremost, get some chocolate-covered almonds. Specifically,  the Gold Emblem brand has never failed me. The perfect ratio of chocolate to almond, this snack will empower you to keep grinding on your work. If, of course, you have an allergy to nuts, opt for something else salty, like chocolate-covered pretzels.

Second: a sour snack

After having something chocolaty, you will want something a bit more tingly, like sour candy. Trollis are perfect for a little punch of sour to keep you awake as you resist the urge to take a nap (which, let’s be honest, will eventually just turn into sleep). Each Trolli worm has two sour flavors with tiny sugar crystals dusted on top. My favorite is the blue/pink ones but try the green/orange ones if you want something with a little more sour flavor.

Third: a salty sensation

Sometimes the best thing to snack on is a salty chip. Less salty than Fritos but more salty than Carr’s crackers, a handful of Tostitos are the perfect salt content for a snack break. I recommend dipping into a bit of salsa or guacamole if you have any or just eat some straight to calm your stomach grumble.

Fourth: a creamy craving

Lastly, this is a bit of a hot take, but Greek yogurt can be an amazing study break snack. Keep some Chobani yogurt cups in your fridge for a cool and refreshing snack. Both a healthier option and something more creamy, the yogurt will keep your energy up and get you ready to sit down and finally complete that discussion post. Additionally, eating greek yogurt has health benefits, so with each bite, your skin will be thanking you.

Now let’s rewrite that story. Instead of pulling out your snack cart and gasping at the empty space, you smile! It’s full of great snack options from CVS! Do let this be you.

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