Coffechat: Wilcaf Edition with Sam Martinez!

Coffechat: Wilcaf Edition with Sam Martinez!

If you have ever wandered into Williams Hall, you’ve probably seen the bright pink lettering and sign marking Williams Cafe, also known as WilCaf. This student-run cafe is home to the special “drink of the week” and amazing, friendly staff of students who always manage the long lines that tend to gather right before the 12pm class rush. If you haven’t been, you should most definitely go! You can even bring your work and study on the couches and tables they have. A top tip: grab a hot pink punch card to get a free drink for every 10 that you buy.

Having had a language class in Williams every semester since freshman fall, I have become an avid WilCaf customer. Recently, I’ve loved getting a small vanilla tea and a plain bagel with cream cheese. I have already gone through multiple punch cards and I anticipate going through many more.

If you are there often, you have probably seen Sam Martinez! She is a sophomore who has been working at WilCaf since her freshman year. Keep reading for an interview with her about WilCaf!

How long have you been working at WilCaf?

I started working my freshman fall, so last year in the fall. I was a barista for the full year and I have been the sales and purchasing manager since last April and this role has been effective since the beginning of this school year.

What is your favorite memory so far while working at WilCaf?

We always have really great social events. So I just celebrated my birthday the day before the first day of classes, and we had a social bringing everybody together. Since we did a new round of hiring, they were all there, so it was really nice to have everybody together because we are so close to each other. It makes working so much easier and so fun.

Have you got to help come up w/ a drink of the week/if so which one?

Oh my gosh! We have so many Slack channels now because we have a really big Slack workspace group and we have a ‘drink of the week’ channel. I can’t remember off the top of my head if I’ve come up with one, but I order the syrup for it. I won’t necessarily be the creative one, but I have to shoot ideas down if I’m like “I can’t actually get that in stock by this week.”

What has been your favorite drink of the week?

I really liked last week’s Girl Scout thing. I liked the options. I always like having options.

*(For those of you who didn’t get WilCaf last week, the drink of the week was inspired by Girl Scout cookies! There was thin mint, trefoil, and samoa.)

What is the craziest (or best if you can’t think of craziest) drink order you have heard?

We have a lot of these, so I’ll give a few. In general, when people order half and half lattes, like you are just buying a cup of half and half, which is not good for your stomach. We shouldn’t be able to do that, but sometimes we do because people are like “yeah no that’s what I mean.” Somebody also, this is not really a drink but like, someone has bought Frosted Flakes and then a lemon San Pellegrino and then put the San Pellegrino into the Frosted Flakes and then ate that as the milk. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this person, but we’re always like “he’s back!”

What is your favorite or least favorite drink to make?

My favorite is cappuccinos because you get to foam the milk, and you know you have done a good job when you pick up the cup and it’s super light because it’s all foam. I always feel super good at my job when I pick it up and it’s light.

Any secret tips for loyal WilCaf fans and customers?

Bring your own cup because we double punch now everyday, not just Mondays! We want to reduce plastic waste. It makes my job easier, [and] it makes recycling so much easier, so I definitely recommend doing that. You will also get a free drink faster with your punch card!

Huge thank you again to Sam for doing this interview! Say hello to her next time you see her at WilCaf! 🙂

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