A Guide to Grocery Shopping at Penn

Photos by Pinn Chirathivat Whether you’re new to Penn or have been here a while, there will be instances where you have to buy groceries. With the many different options on and off campus, how do you choose a grocery store? Below lies a list of the most commonly visited grocery stores and all the […]

I Tried a Meal Kit Service, and So Should You.

Fresh, boxed, quality, cheap, and fast home-cooked meals delivered right to your door, where even the most accident-prone college student could whip up a 5-star meal.  Skeptical? So was the entire culinary world when Blue Apron made these claims back in 2012. The reviews? Mixed at best. But eight years have passed, and the pandemic […]

Costco Cravings and Savings: Must-Get Snacks for Your Next Costco Run

Fellow Costco lovers out there may know that Costco is the place for buying snacks in bulk, but it can be intimidating stepping into that giant warehouse of goods and deciding which ones to take home. Plus, there’s the pressure of commiting to a family-sized pack of granola bars! But if you choose well, Costco […]